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Promoting Social-Emotional Awareness at Mickey Mantle School

By .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on January 15, 2014

Developing a positive school climate is a partnership effort between the entire school community of educators, administrators, mental health professionals, students, and parents. Schools and districts across the nation are speaking to this effort in a number of innovate ways. In this post, we introduce you to Mickey Mantle School, a District 75 school developing a common language supportive of academic, social and emotional needs. Read on for the first of a series of blogs highlighting schools promoting high levels of social-emotional awareness and understanding.

By: Barry Daub, Principal, P811M-The Mickey Mantle School, New York, NY

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Research Roundup, December 12

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Pre-K Education Is a Long-Term Winner The Wall Street Journal

Most of us watching the looming budget showdown do so with a sense of dread…Incarceration, special education, teen pregnancy, low earnings—avoiding these outcomes will actually save money, and early education helps achieve that. Decades of research from many different states and cities, some of it from randomized trials, demonstrate the value of early-childhood education in the short and long term.

Special ed students most often restrained or removed from classroom Green Bay Press Gazette

Under a 2012 state law, school districts must report to school boards annually the number of time students are secluded or restrained and whether those students are in special education. The Green Bay School District secluded nine students in 2012-13 and used restraint 284 times. A total of 76 students were restrained, and 60 of them were disabled.

Mother of Autistic Child Opens Special Education School Women of China

When Ran Cunying's 6-year-old son was finally diagnosed with autism 14 years ago after many visits to hospitals, she was thrown into despair. …Many parents in China also have a poor understanding of autism, believing that their children are simply badly behaved… In 2003, Ran opened the Yichang BoAi Special Education School.

Sandy Hook Moms Lead Initiative on School Safety Issue Ed Week

Within five months of the tragedy, the girls' mothers joined forces with four families to launch Safe & Sound, a Sandy Hook Initiative—an organization intent on helping communities across the country improve school security—even when they are short on funds to do so.

Not all embrace new Tulsa school safety measures Tulsa World

A year after the Sandy Hook massacre, schools nationwide have embraced “controlled access” as a vital safety measure, with doors staying locked and visitors having to be buzzed in…But it also adds an inconvenience for parents, who can’t come and go like they used to, even when picking up their kids after school.

This Research Roundup was compiled by Chanelle Spencer, Research Fellow at NSCC

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Research Roundup, November 18

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Research shows all-girls education sets students on path for success Southtown Star

The National Coalition of Girls Schools recently commissioned research by UCLA’s Higher Education Research Institute that confirms all-girls schools consistently produce graduates with high levels of confidence, engagement and aspirations.

Research confirms effectiveness of early childhood education investments The Herald Sun

Education research clearly documents that investments in early childhood programs are among the smartest investments that states can make.

Research: Playing Educational Games Together Enhances Learning Game Politics

Playing education games cooperatively with others can motivate students to learn according to a new study from New York University.

Being a bully linked to casual, risky sex NBC News

Teens who bully other kids, or are both bullies and bullied themselves, are more likely to engage in risky sex, according to a new study. That's especially the case among heterosexual teens, researchers say.

A Promising Academic Model for Students With Disabilities Education Week

There is general agreement—a rarity in the warring world of education reform—that the focus of special education reform must change from procedural compliance to academic outcomes.

This Research Roundup was compiled by Chanelle Spencer, Research Fellow at NSCC

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Research Roundup, November 14

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School Violence Cuts Learning, But Not GPAs Futurity: Research News

Violent crime in schools adversely affects reading and math scores on standardized tests, but has no influence on GPAs, according to a new study.

Learning in the Way of the Future Virginia Connection Newspapers

Students at Forestville Elementary School were the first to experience the rewards of a new hands-on science program currently being implemented by iSchool for the Future, a nonprofit organization based in Great Falls…A growing body of research indicates that building SEL skills improves academic performance and overall well-being of children.

Will Our Use of Touch-Screen Technology Be Led by Toddlers? Education Week

A recent report entitled Zero to Eight: Children's Media Use in America, 2013, published by Common Sense Media, indicated that "38% of all children under 2 have used a smartphone, tablet, or similar device for playing games, watching videos, or engaging in related activities; two years ago, 10% had done so"

Schools set to receive safety grant from Dept. of Mental Health New Britain Herald

The city is receiving a financial boost to its efforts in promoting mental, emotional and behavioral health to its students in an effort to create a safe, violence-free environment within schools.

Can We See Reading Comprehension in the Brain? Education Week: Inside School Research

Brain researchers have long studied how students hear and read individual words, but it has proven difficult to parse out what happens when a reader understands a long and difficult passage of text.

District settles federal compliance review The Star

The Sun Prairie Area School District (SPASD) has reached an agreement with federal authorities to revamp its process for screening students for special education and to bolster teacher training after the U.S. Department of Education found racial disparities.

This Research Roundup was compiled by Chanelle Spencer, Research Fellow at NSCC

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Research Roundup, October 30

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Social-Emotional Programs Target Students' Long-Term Behavior Education Week

One morning early this fall, 1st graders in Nydia Mendez's class at Public School 24 in Brooklyn, N.Y., were working on identifying feelings.

There Have Been a Lot of Shootings This Year. Children Seem to Have Noticed Education Week

A new survey by the children's magazine Highlights digs into the hopes, dreams, and psychology of America's children, and suggests that they're picking up on stories of violence nationwide.

Schools, Violence, and Mental Health Education Week

Creating and maintaining emotional environments that teach, nurture, and maintain healthy behaviors is an essential element of our responsibility to maintain physically safe environments in which our students can learn.

Students are part of the positive climate solution Village News Network

Distraction, balancing, supporting, reasoning, active listening, and asking for help are techniques that a diverse group of seventh and eighth grade Potter Junior High School students learned during a two-day Safe School Ambassador training

New Safety program for Toronto schools WTOV Steubenville

After the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting last December, the Toronto Police Department has been looking for different programs to prepare students should a situation like that ever happen.

This Research Roundup was compiled by Chanelle Spencer, Research Fellow at NSCC

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