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By .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on December 12, 2014

Online Bullies Pull Schools Into the Fray NY Times

Cyberbullying seems to be growing at a faster rate than in the past.  Laws and case rulings have been contradictory leaving school principals unclear as to what authority they hold in regards to behavior outside of school. Because of the ambiguity in laws, a strong disconnect is present between school authority and student freedoms and rights.  It is unclear whether school administrators or parents should be educating and disciplining students.  Views from parents range from one extreme-schools getting involved and punishing “bullies”- to another extreme-allowing the matter to be handled by parents. These two conflicting views make it difficult for policies or programs to be developed.


FACT SHEET: Invest in US: The White House Summit on Early Childhood Education

Obama is pushing for Education expansion; the sooner children are exposed to high-quality education, the better.  He urges high ranking officials and the public to come to a consensus and aide in the development of education policies to help children attain early access to preschool.  Obama hopes effective discussions between all stakeholders will result in a higher quality preschool.  Over $1 billion, along with federal awards, is being invested into action plans for young learners. Read more to find where the $1 billion investment is being allocated and for next steps that align with Obama’s vision for education.  


Connecting SEL and the Common Core, Part One Edutopia

Are young adults really ready for college? New college students may feel anxious about finding new friends, managing homework, choosing a major and knowing how to manage leisure versus study time. This blog digs deeper into student emotional well-being by defining what it means to be “college, career, and contribution ready” and how schools need to connect the lessons of core classes to student emotional well-being and self-esteem.  

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